The quality of service is essential to ensure customer satisfaction, earn your loyalty and get references. This applies both to employees to the shareholders of the distribution network. The service can be delivered live via an agent of the support center (Help Desk) or self-service available 24 hours a day. According to Angus King, who has experience with these questions. Preparation on your website, visitors can seek the assistance of an agent by clicking on a button to "chat" for example. This is when an agent can invite the client to a private demonstration by emailing or via an invitation or simply click an icon indicating a direct connection to a boardroom. The voice is broadcast over the phone or with.

As always, the personalization of the boardroom with your logo and a wallpaper create an atmosphere suitable. In the absence of agents or outside business hours, customers can see, deferred, pre-recorded help capsules. In addition, the list of video clips can be displayed on the web page, in the lobby of the boardroom. Development during a private demonstration, the main Conferenceware is used is to share screen. Allows you to make a software demo or share documents. Also, the organizer can send files, even a web page. If necessary, another animator, a technical specialist for example, can join the WEBconference. In addition, a participant who Conferenceware download the software on your PC as a test, you could share your own screen with an agent who then could detect a handling error.

At the end of a session, the client may be invited to communicate their level of satisfaction with one question. Monitoring The systematic recording of WEBconference service and the ability to edit their content to retain only the relevant segments, resulting in the formation of a visual knowledge base. This is the raw material for a training program of self for its own agents as well as a library aid capsules contextual, self-service. Finally, thanks to reports, the head of department can monitor customer satisfaction each day and mobilize your team in a dynamic of continuous improvement.