The effectiveness of any employee of a company depends not only on the availability of necessary equipment, but also on the arrangement of the workplace. Here, Angus King expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Therefore, the cupboards, shelves, tables and other office furniture should be considered not only as part of the interior. Its convenience, the correct location of the premises, the availability and functionality of full-time staff allows the company not to be distracted by petty domestic issues and more time and attention to work. And, of course, no office is complete without a seat – an important component of workplace equipment. Depending on the type of activity, staff members spend in them for up to eight, and sometimes more, hours, so the office chair should be as convenient as possible. They presented a number of requirements, including attraction, universal design, and as a result – a harmonious combination of seats with the rest office furniture.

But much more important indicators such as durability, reliability in use and ergonomics. Under the ergonomic office chairs understood their convenience and compliance features of the structure the human body. Armchairs for heads usually differ from the seats for ordinary employees, but since the latter into the office is always higher in the first place consider the requirements for models of chairs for the staff. Adjustment Good seat height should have a number of mechanisms to adjust its height and position of the back, depending on the growth of employees and type of work. Almost all current models equipped with "Gas lift", allowing to easily change the height of the seat in one motion, using a special pedal. .