Study on the Hanze University of applied sciences, Groningen: lots of practice, experience and a modern environment it is no longer a secret long ago that our neighbouring country has to offer a lot for the cosmopolitan students today. Other than at many other universities in Germany placing worth much here and especially at the Hanze University Groningen on practice-oriented and competency-based teaching in small groups. The Netherlands are more popular than ever as a place of study for German students. Every sixth international student at a Dutch University or University was inscribed in 2005. (Source: Spiegel Online) A wide range of study the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen briefly Hanze sees itself as a cosmopolitan and modern College.

Therefore, the lecture in English is also in many courses. Courses, such as including international business & management, international communication and international facility are due to the high number of foreign instructors, combined with the ever-growing number of international students, Management a paradigm for European and international cooperation. Next to internationally oriented study, there are also interesting Dutch-language courses. So work or media & information management are offered for example physiotherapy, speech therapy, social in Dutch. Such studies are often accompanied by high NCs in Germany or are offered only by very few universities.

Groningen a real student city! Groningen is situated in the North of the Netherlands and has a population of 180,000. In addition to style-typical characteristics, such as the canals and small streets, especially the proportion of students in the city is extraordinary: nearly one-third of the population pursuing studies at the College or University. This makes the student city of number 1 in the Netherlands Groningen. This popularity of the city is due to their attractiveness to explain a border location and the excellent study opportunities. The number of German students in Groningen is increasing since the can so many students wrong last years? For more information about the College at: or in the social network: HanzeUniversityGroningen of the Hanze University: in 1986 founded is the Hanze University of applied sciences the second-oldest institution of higher education in the region. The 23000 students are spread over a total of 20 so-called schools (faculties). Titled turning ambition into success”trains managers and experts the University in the fields of business administration, communication, technology, social, sports and art.