In a situation of galloping prices, companies are able to increased selling prices more quickly than wasting labor costs and the consumer as accelerates the turnover of funds and reoriented on the cheap, locally produced foods. This makes a stable consumer market, and accordingly, production and labor market. Ie distortions will be removed from this artificial wealth of the population and form the conditions for productive economic development. This will cause the suppression of the economies of many foreign countries and the elimination of foreign competition. In many countries receive their own crisis, similar to the U.S..

Moreover, global liquidity will be, sterilized hyperinflationary pump America in conjunction with a controlled collapse of markets – in other words, a great part of large foreign capital will cease to exist. U.S. government will announce defaulted around noon, when all the Stock Exchanges still closed … People just do not have time to take their money. The next day, the Exchange will be opened and immediately collapse, while U.S.

banks to stop their work to end the diversion of money. The strongest impact occurs on such States like Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union and China – are the main custodians of dollars. In Russia, for example, large dollar reserves lie in the hands of citizens who naively think they can win on the difference dollar. In addition, it means the dollar is calculated for energy, which Russia exports. Today, even the payments on the Internet are carried out through the dollar.