Which had small children gave them to eat and then slept them. The next day was repeated as The monthly average wage was about 130 – 150 rubles which was equivalent to 170 dollars estadoinidenses. Rare as it may seem the high wage had workers and drivers of the bus and other transportation (up to 500 rubles per month). But engineers and doctors had 120-140 rubles a month. As regards products of food, clothing, household appliances and other branches of industry it should be noted then in most of times you entered for sale products of Russian origin and only sometimes drew on sale some items (grocery, clothes, etc) of other Paice. Among them were the legs of the chicken which cared about us. UU… Those chicken legs bore the colloquial name American legs.

But all Russians hard them get other Paice so that products for time everytime drew some poor edible product sale then everyone made a lengthy queue that could not fit in store and therefore would go on the street. Those who were queued podiran spend a few hours there. Almost all Russians had opportunity to vacation going to other attractive places of your country among which was the Black Sea and other interesting destinations. But at the present time the time difference had vacation opportunity only in his native country, i.e. in the Soviet Union and occasionally vacationing in some Socialist Paice then (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia). Then tour packages were cheap and therefore were within reach of the pocket of the entire population of the Soviet Union. This was the life of the majority of the Russian people at that time.