From these concepts we will be able to fit our study and to relate them with the reality of the research. 2,1 PERIOD OF TRAINING Period of training is a service that is very used by the companies nowadays, and many young is adhering to this practical to learn a profession and to have a professional experience in its resume. It is important to detach the characteristics of a period of training: Period of training is not job, but yes a way to provide experience in learning environments, in compliance with the trends of management of career and formation of the citizen. In the period of training, the pupil will have the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge, to know its future profession, to develop specific abilities, beyond enriching the resume (UNIGRANRIO, 2010). Another definition is described in the proper law where it was legalized: Period of training is an act educative pertaining to school supervised, developed in environment of work, that it aims at to the preparation for the productive work educating the ones that they are frequentando regular education in institutions of superior education, professional education, average education, the special education and the final years of basic education, in the professional modality of adult the young education of e.

1 the period of training is part of the pedagogical project of the course, beyond integrating the formative itinerary of educating. 2 the period of training aims at the learning of proper abilities of the professional activity and to the curricular contextualizao, objectifying the development of educating for the life the citizen and the work. (BRAZIL, Law 11,788, of 25 of September of 2008). 2.2 WHAT IS TO BE TRAINEE the trainee is a young adolescent or who is contracted by a definitive period (that she cannot be inferior the six months and not to exceed the period of two years), being able or not to be accomplished by the company passed this time, they are pupils regularly registered in courses of the public, particular net or schools of special education.