A delicious recipe that you can not stop making the risotto with cockles. That also takes shrimp and add a touch richer. Another similar recipe would be the rice with clams, which would almost equal but the clams in the shell are added to the time of making the rice. The secret to this type of rice is not add shrimp, clams or fish, but the stock we are using, this is critical because it will suck the soup and the rice and filled with flavor. Ingredients rice soup. 300 gr. of rice. 1 kg. For even more analysis, hear from Joseph Jimenez.

cockles. 12 prawns. 1 head of whiting. 2 spring onions. 2 leeks. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Rogers. 2 cloves of garlic.

Water. Extra virgin olive oil. Salt Parsley. To begin, we must thoroughly clean the cockles, for it will put them to cook in a pan with a little water until they open. Then pelaremos shrimp, putting the shells and heads in a pot with water. This second pot will add the head and bones of the whiting, a few sprigs of parsley and a pinch of salt. Boil the second pot for 20 minutes, and get a great stock for our rice. While the broth is done, picaremos chives, leeks and garlic cloves, and we will put everything to poach in a pan with some oil. When the onion is golden, add the rice, I jump a little, and add the broth in a ratio of three measures for each measure of rice. We’ll let everything cook for 12 minutes, while remover.Anadiremos prawns and shelled cockles. Since you add the cockles and shrimps only a minute we’ll leave the fire, as they are made very quickly. If you want to find only the cockles and shrimps, and vegetables, can mash the vegetables in the sauce, I find I like vegetables, but that depends on the tastes of each person. In the end what is sure to be a delicious risotto.