In such aspects believe that the informational-funcional metaphor in which functionalism is based is an effective heuristic for do understand basic issues such as:? The architecture of mental, i.e. the structural organization of the mind in terms of subsystems components and their relationships. Mental, i.e. mode operation and logic in that mental machinery allows you to capture the world’s information, translating it into mental States; and the way in which certain mental States are transformed into others by following certain types of processes and regulations, to allow the Agency drivers are existent in the world. I think that principles, own theories of information and computing language and methodological strategies are undoubtedly of crucial importance for the fruitful approach to referral levels. However, I descreo be necessary and even desirable, to pay for such use denatured which essentially seems to be mental.

In synthesis, functionalism is a useful strategy to respond to questions about the Organization and functioning of the mental, yet forceful in their pretensions of defining its basic nature. Some preliminary Ideas in the context of the mental approach, the very idea of reductionism involves starting a kind of dualism apariencial. Indeed, operation reduce mental to a different nature to have meaning, it is necessary that, in the first instance, there was a difference between what to reduce and what it will be reduced. Accordingly, on occasions, reductionism expression carries a negative valuation charge, to the extent that it seems to connote a sort of degradation or denaturation of the intrinsically mental. However, it should be taken into account that if any of the so-called reductionist thesis were true, rather than reductionism should be characterized as simple and authentic realism. In contrast, the idea of reductionism sometimes appear as a valuable end in itself same, insofar as it seems to respond to an ideal virtual scientist focused to realize the vast diversity of the real through a reduced series of explanatory principles (theory of the unified field theory of everything, etc.) The problem of reductionism is to relate the ontological and cognitive levels referrals conceptions monist and dualist, emerges the next space of possibilities: 1.