It is not with continuous changes that the man will affirm, because, philosophical speaking, all change indicates imperfection An joined time the objective truth must cease all the subjective theories, that many times, do not pass of one escapism of the Truth. THE ESSENCE WILL BE NEVER CHANGED OF THE MAN ( BODY AND SOUL ); ALL SHUNTING LINE PORVOCAR CHAOS, CONFUSION, NEUROSIS AND SUFFERING! Inasmuch as he is immature: All capricious and voluble man who dumb always of ideas, opinions, jobs, friendships, etc. To that does not have proper opinion; they do not affirm nothing The totalitarian and intolerante man, who not amolda its estratificados principles to the mutations of the times. For even more opinions, read materials from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. The cautious man is that one that, without knocking down the basic structures of the Truth, if adapta accidentally to the circumstances. THIS IS WISE AS ALL SCIENCE HUMAN BEING, PSYCHOLOGY DEMANDS A PHILOSOPHICAL COMPLEMENTATION. (BREMMAN, General Psychology, Mc Millan, pg. 20, 1937). Therefore, for terms firmness and security in the way of the confusion them ephemeral theories on the man, we cannot abandon the structures, aliceradas on the philosophical and ontolgicas truths The crisis of the modern man is to want to change its Moral behavior as they change the social structures. Of Homo Sapiens became Homo Faber solely IF YOU FEEL UNFORTUNATE PERSON I am the Light and you do not see me, You are the Way and you do not follow me, You are the Truth and you do not believe in me, You are the Life and you not me searches, Are the Master and you do not hear me, You are you and you do not obey to me, You are its D-US and you do not appeal me, You are your great Friend and you do not love me If to feel Unfortunate person, the guilt is not mine . (writing found in one of the churches of Italy) References: Albinic Frei Aresi >