Each person will be valued differently: some remake her life right away and others maintain a duel for months, even years, without reaching the problem of reconciliation of partner. Overcoming the breakdown at this stage of overcoming of rupture appear many conflicting and contradictory feelings and it is difficult to opt for a coherent attitude. Sometimes we’d return with the couple and we miss him and other times gives us rage that treat us badly or we have echo whatever. To retry when we overcome this indecision, there are people who decide to retry the couple despite everything reconciliation because they believe that compensates for them and that his life is really much more satisfactory with your partner. Continue to learn more with: Lakshman Achuthan. It may in the bad moments, the reconciliation of the couple is not feasible and let’s be as extremists that we are not able to assess the good points of our relationship and let ourselves be carried away by the negativity, everything is bad and we cannot see beyond.

When we lost it and we see it from the outside, sometimes we realize that wasn’t so bad, and that those things that we were intolerable or these changes that we demanded can be viable and do not involve us both cost. Especially if we have an anxious and obsessive tendency, we can fall into the mistake of centralizing us in a negative idea and from it overstated a situation with the consequent rupture of the relationship. Will you defend your interests without going into that game of victimhood and accusation? Reconciliation of parejUna time the prepared duel, these phase to decide if your goal is to achieve the reconciliation of partner or to proceed alone. If you choose the first thing, you have to prepare yourself in some aspects that have probably been depleted due to traumatic separation that you lived. You will need a time of preparation before you face your partner and propose a change.