When will time end? What documentation is there to present? Thanks to the Internet, the educational community now has easy access to all the relevant information on the various scholarships and grants to study or other academic activities convened each year by the State or the autonomous administrations. Check and verify the requirements for a scholarship, and read the full text of the call and even in some cases, make the request on-line are some of the additional services that the Administration puts at your fingertips of Internet users.University, vocational training students, graduates, doctors or students of previous college educations for all of them, the various public administrations, State and regional convene each year a large number of scholarships and grants to support the costs of education, both the academic activity, and other complementary formations. Today, thanks to the Internet, those interested in applying for any of these scholarships they can be informed periodically of the different calls and, in many cases, carry out all the necessary formalities and subsequent monitoring through the network. Scholarships from the State in the case of scholarships and State aid for studies, the main site of reference search in the network is the website of the Ministry of education. Brings together information on scholarships and grants of all levels of education and is classified in the following way: scholarships and grants to study: collects calls for the Ministry of education ordered by various teachings, this allows the user to access with a single click of the mouse to all AIDS convened for the level of study you are interested.

It contains a specific section that collects all aid to the study of languages. Scholarships and aid of mobility: brings together all aid programmes in favour of internationalization and the mobility of students, graduates, researchers and university professors. It includes a direct access to the search engine for international fellowships for the portal Universidad.es of the foundation of the State public sector for the international projection of the Spanish universities.