We are behind the gratings, imprisoned in our proper residences, in them we hide behind our walls of concrete and iron gates; we occult the solitude and the terror in our depressive and empty minds of love. They do not remain doubts is arrived the hour to come back toward house! Friend (), It (Jesus) comes to search you. You not it needs to be destroyed () by the fire that God will send to the Land for entire consumiz it. Choice today to be part of the group which apstolo Peter if includes when in chapter 3 versicle 13 affirms: ‘ ‘ We, however, according to its promise, wait new skies and new land, in which he inhabits justia’ ‘. This is the future that () waits.

But you are free to choose. I started the article speaking of a brochure that spoke on the New World. The Bible is repleta of tickets that support this candy truth. The majority of the evanglicas churches nails this. The lies, however, always come mescladas with one or another truth. A truth is that it will have a New World: a New Land.

A future without divorces, hunger, traffic, pedofilia, wars, death, violence and pain. This is a wonderful Biblical truth, was the proper God who promised in them. However, the great lie that mesclam to such truth is to affirm that this New World or ‘ ‘ new skies and new terra’ ‘ , as Peter says, it is this world where we live. She is one desmedida and demonic lie. You cannot believe this pilhria. This is lie! Another lie is to say that Jesus already came back and lives between us.