My brothers ha pardon for who never did not look at its emotional wounds and admitted its anger and pain. To pardon does not mean to accept unacceptable or abusive the behavior, but to get rid itself of the pack of the paper of permanent victim. The pardon is a freedom feeling and appeals the reason. The pardon is an obligation of all Christian. Source: Bernard Looney. To be you guard hatred, rancor, or another bad feeling for somebody is the same thing of you to feel for you yourselves, because God orders to pardon how many times will be necessary.

He is one of the ten orders of God. Therefore we do not go to cultivate this feeling so to ruir, that it only takes in them stops far from God. In the bible it is written you love your next one as you exactly. It is not rock of slip in the way of your brother. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vadim Belyaev on most websites. Therefore not humbug with that its brother comet no sin, or comes to feel no type of feeling to ruir for you. Our mission in the land is here takes the love of God to our brothers who are suffering. Here in the land everything is temporary, our life, ours joy is in the sky to the side of ours Sir, the celestial father Jehovah, and ours Mr. Jesus Christ.

Therefore brothers wake up while in time. He does not cultivate feeling to ruir for nobody. But he searchs the love, the understanding, the sincerity, compassion ones for the others. Either example as Christ was here in the land. It helped all with love, humildade. The humildade is one dom that it comes of God, and the love of it is gratuitous. He thinks that when you will be pardoned a person who you time badly, God will be pardoned also you by its disobedience and its sin for It. He is not motionless there moves itself. He runs, he searchs, he goes to the fight. That God blesses in them For the blood of Christ Amen Sandra 03/08/2011