Once it gets empty, the puppy should be commended and take home. Walk the dog, where you can control his behavior, do not give anything to pick from the ground. A huge role in shaping the dog is a natural development. A sufficient amount of traffic growth and ensure the correct operation of the whole organism. Physical activity is necessary not only for the development of muscle mass: stronger becomes the backbone of the animal, its heart lungs. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dara Khosrowshahi . Improving the functioning of the intestine and the vascular system, which provides nutrition and growth of all body cells. A sufficient amount of walking is important for both physical and the mental development of the dog.

The puppy is not receiving various kinds of information about the world grows is not completely adequate dog. Please visit Dara Khosrowshahi if you seek more information. Do not forget that tsverg-companion dog, often take it with him, teach him how to to react in different situations, spare no time to develop his intellect and in the future it will delight you with his behavior, but do not worry. Of course, provided that you choose a dog with a strong hereditary nervous system, with an innate rapport and interest in the outside world. A puppy should be able to move as much as he wants. Restrict the movement of the puppy can not be the same as the type strain is not appropriate breed and age. In the hallways sure whether powder from radiators and doors, spring and autumn wipers rat poison zookumarinom, puppy enough to lick the drug and it is not possible to save. After each walk must wash your feet, "skirt" and muzzle. The basic command for your puppy tsverga – command "stand".

It is necessary not only show dog. This exposure and education that is compulsory for such a mobile species like the schnauzer, this an extremely useful skill that you need in a variety of situations at home and on the street. From the earliest days, even if there is nothing to comb, accustom the puppy to tolerate a comb and brush, and later will be harder, not give in, even if the puppy turns, breaks free and screams. Though few minutes to start, but he must obey you, to the Miniature Schnauzer needs an authoritarian approach to parenting. In addition to regular brushing 1-3 times a week Depending on the type of wool in 3,5-4,5 months to remove dead puppy coat. Full trimming is done after the change of teeth in 6-8 months. Replace the trimming haircut is possible but not recommended: shorn wool loses structure and color; wet, tangling and purged. Among the different breeds tsverg released in good health and a long-lived. Appreciate the work of breeders and comply with the content of their pets. Remember that for many years you have came true friend, he needs your care, love and attention.