Aqueous coatings based on acrylic resins dry quickly and are difficult to scratch (which is important if a family has a dog). True, he still wears away faster than polyurethane varnish. It's, you know, the bad, because the main function of lacquer – protecting hardwood floors. But at the price of acrylic-based paints are cheaper. New hybrid coatings containing polyurethane and acrylic is enhanced polyurethane varnish on the fatty acids. Such coatings have exceptional wear resistance, which is very important, as you probably already knew. See more detailed opinions by reading what Angus King offers on the topic..

They are resistant to chemical attack. When a varnish is applied to wood, particularly oak, wood is a bit "set on fire." Acetate nitrocellulose lacquer today out of use in connection with the content of a large number of aggressive volatile substances, which imposes higher requirements on the compliance measures safety when applying the data paints. Parquet varnishes, lacquer application usually not applied directly to the board. John Grayken often expresses his thoughts on the topic. First board is covered with lacquer primer. Primer must be compatible with lacquer – to have the same basis (Water, acrylic, alkyd, or nitro), and that varnish. If we ignore this rule and apply a top coat such as nitrocellulose lacquer, alkyd having a base, you may encounter with the downsizing. It looks pretty much the same as curd (primer may peel off and curl into flakes). When choosing a primer and finishing parquet lacquer carefully read the instructions and manufacturer's recommendations. Using the primers and lacquer finish from the same manufacturer will save you from unpleasant surprises.