In the last month of October, the Company received the auditorship from daily pay-certification. Between 15 and 19 of December, the final auditorship was carried through, when the Company was recommended for in agreement certification the international norm. The respect to the environment and the communities where it also acts is part of this business. Endorsing this concept, the company it invests continuously in improvements of processes with ambient focus, beyond implementing programs of education and ambient projects involving used and community. The areas of culture, education, communitarian action and professional qualification receive a special attention through a Foundation, known in Brazil and the exterior for the works developed next to the community. The company works with some tools of support for accompaniment, maintenance and improvement of the result of the total quality. Such as, the Integrated Domain of the Process?

DIP, Statistical Control of the Process? CEP, Circle of Quality control? CCQ, Green Belts, Black Bets, Total Productive Maintenance? TPM and is in phase of implantation of the Word Manufacturing Classroom? WCM. 5.2.Sistema Integrated of the Quality of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil the Integrated System of the Quality is structuralized in compliance with the effective International Norms and code of behavior of the ArcelorMittal, being registered, implemented, kept continuously improved, aiming at to increase the satisfaction of the customers and too much interested people. The abrangncia and application of the Integrated System of the Quality aim at to guarantee the attendance to the requirements of the customers, to the applicable prescribed requirements, the specified product quality and services, the ambient performance required and the physical integrity of the people. The ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil adopts the following normative references as orientation for the elements of the Integrated System of the Quality: NBR ISO 9001 – Systems of Management of the Quality? Requirements? 14001 NBR ISO – System of Ambient Management? Requirements with Orientaes for Use? ISO/TS 16949 – Specification Technique? Particular requirements for Application of the ISO 9001:2000 for Products Automotivos and Excellent Servios of the Organization.