A number that supposes a reduction of 0.4% in relation to the 235,929 workers whom east model of business when concluding 2008 employed. According to Eduardo Abbey, Manager of the AEF, " the fact that a reduction so little accused in the number has been registered of generated use says much in favor of the tax exemption, and more if we consider that the numbers of unemployment do not stop being increased in ours pas". Invoicing The set of the system invoiced 24,699, 5 million Euros in 2009, a 4.1% less than the number reached in the last statistic, that was of 25,734, 6 million Euros. Thus, the volume of total business has been reduced in 1.035 million. By activity sectors, the one that invoiced more in 2009 was the dedicated one to " Alimentacin" , with 6,077 million Euros, followed by those of " Agencies of viajes" , with 2,263, 8 million; " The hotel trade/Fast food" , with 2,114, 9 million, and " The hotel trade/Restaurants and bares" , with 2,025, 4 million invoiced Euros. According to the President of the AEF, &quot explains; the economic crisis that we crossed is causing that are activities that are being suffered more than others, case of the real estate ones and the financial services. Nevertheless, sectors as the one of aesthetic beauty and does not stop of to grow. At the time of conjugating both realities, the result is that the system has invoiced a 4.1% less, which is a quite acceptable percentage with the times that run. It is more, no other formula of commerce presents/displays a reduction so little accused in his volume of invoicing global". Independent communities The report also insists on the location of the central franchisors, in the different Independent Communities that form the map of Spain.