The AT-870 is the new all-rounder in terms of mobile data acquisition. With the AT-870, you make the right choice when it comes to applications, mobile data entry, how about in the logistics, distribution or in the event area. Many writers such as Dara Khosrowshahi offer more in-depth analysis. Its flexibility allows adaptation to all your needs. Standard with a 1 d barcode scanner equipped, the AT-870 can be extended as needed with a 2D imager to capture of 2D barcodes and RFID chip card read / write units. Thus, you have a mobile device for capturing data from a variety of sources. Gone are the times in which it was bound by the power cable to the scanner in a particular workplace. A maximum of independence when working is possible thanks to the powerful battery of AT 870.

Its unique read range of up to 4 meters sets new standards for mobile data entry devices. But the AT-870 can do much more: by the choice of options, with which the scanner can be retrofitted such as HSDPA, GPS or GSM, you can also, for example, as a navigation system, mobile computer or PDA to use the AT-870. The ergonomic pistol grip is removable and separately holding and charging devices AT-870 can just like a conventional navigation device in your car be used and recharged on the road. By default the AT-870 with USB and Ethernet is equipped, in addition, it offers a large scratch-protected touchpad display and Wi-Fi. His ability to adapt to almost any application and the variety of options and accessories make the mobile bar code and RFID scanners AT 870 as unique and as an indispensable helper for more flexibility and more effective work in all areas of mobile data acquisition, as such as ticketing, inventory management, logistics and distribution. Miriam Santiago