all the ones heard that it if admired of its intelligence and its respostas.' ' (Lc.2: 42,46,47) Judas Iscariotes never called the Jesus Christ Sir, but it will have that to make it in the Day of the Final Judgment, together with all the ones that if had omitted and still forbear in this inevitable confession (Fl.2: 10,11); however, it called Mr. Jesus de Mestre (Mt.26: 25,49; Mc.14: 45). We must continue calling Mr. Jesus Christ de Mestre, therefore It still it is, in virtue of It to have been called thus, after its Glorious Resurrection (Jo.20: 16), and in reason of It to meet with us, gift in our life, the Person of the Espirito Santo (Jo.14: 16-18), teaching to us to all the things (1Jo.2: 27). THAT I HAVE TO MAKE Who is worried about the subject of the Perpetual Life, with the destination of its soul, knows that it needs to make some thing. If you are not convinced, visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City. She is necessary to give the initial step. It is necessary to appeal to somebody, to ask for orientation. the rich man took the attitude correct, when giving this important step, going until Jesus.

As Peter teaches to us to the Apstolo, in its First Epistle 3:15, no anelante person of the Perpetual Salvation, that if dirige to one saved to get orientation on this great subject, must be without reply. he himself, Peter, to the being asked for people regarding as to be saved, readily answered: ' ' You repent you, and each one of you is baptized on behalf of Jesus Christ, for remission of your sins; you will receive dom from the Espirito Santo. ' ' (At.2: 37,38); equally the Apstolo Pablo and its Silas friend: ' ' Gentlemen, who me are necessary to make to save me? They had answered: You and yours believe in Mr. Jesus and will be saved, casa.' ' (At.16: 30,31) Jesus answered the young what it would have to make: ' ' You know the orders: You will not kill; you will not adulterate; you will not steal; you will not say false certification; to nobody you will disapoint; it honors your father and yours me.' ' (Mc.10: 19).