To date, the construction industry, among many tools of construction equipment leading positions are occupied by hydraulic shovel '>'> hydraulic crawler excavators. According to statistics, over five years (2000-2005), in fifteen countries of Western Europe was sold about 17 thousand cars each year. During the Soviet excavators assembled at specialized plants. According to state standards, excavators were divided into six classes. Determinants of membership in the machine to a particular class, were as follows: bucket capacity, mass excavators, motor power. There have also been introduced numbering, defining the essential characteristics of the machine. In Depending on the type of navigation aids were divided into: 1 – excavator on tracks 2 – and excavator on tracks, but with a larger surface bearing 3 – pneumatic excavator to move 3 – excavator pneumatic motion; 5 – excavator on the chassis of a car, 6 – excavator on the chassis of the tractor-type, 7 – other types of chassis. According to the types of equipment installed on the excavator, in fact for distinguished: 1 – equipment for cable harness, 2 – Equipment for rigid (hydraulic) suspension of 3 – Equipment for the telescopic suspension.

After the release of GOST -30067-93 new documents are not followed, and the producers sometimes replaced numerical indices literal – ET-thrust, the EC is the mass excavator. To date, almost all enterprises become public companies. The main factories for the production of this type excavators are: Tver Excavator Plant, Highland, Donetsk, Kostroma, Voronezh plant, Uralvagonzavod, Ivanovo plant 'Kraneks.