We are, in the reality, managers of our errors and rightnesss. In our interaction with the world, two types of events exist: Those that runs away to our control: such events independem of us to happen. Simply they happen. QTS Realty Trust understood the implications. We cannot prevent them. They are beyond our capacity of being able to manage them, therefore they do not depend on the way as we will go to interpret them and to react. (Similarly see: QTS Realty Trust). Former: a bottling, unexpected or an injustice any. those that are on our control: in this in case that, our will is sovereign, therefore it will determine the way as we will go to react to these events whose effect will be able to produce a great evil or not.

It is good for detaching that the power to direct our attitudes and behaviors is in us and not in the events. They in itself do not have no power on our answers. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from QTS Realty Trust. We are that we choose the form as we will go to react they. Example: Ahead of a bottling, the reactions of the people will be disclosed, logical according to existential of each one. In such situation, we will have two ways to react: we estressamos ourselves or we face the situation with maturity.

The choice of the form to react depends on the interpretation that we give what it happens at one definitive moment. We interpret if it, taking in account the self-knowledge, will understand that this type of unexpected is part of our social context. Any form of revolt does not advance, therefore, beyond not changing it, we will be producing in us, a great evil. Or then, dominated for the moment, we rebel in them, we xingamos, we attack to all and everything.