I asked her to describe the current situation in life from the perspective of 4 directions: 1. Where to move in the circumstances of life in general and yours, including? (Those which can not affect you, but they are on your personal situation in life depends on: the exchange rate, weather conditions, the processes in society, IMF decisions, etc.). 2. Where are you at the moment and so are moving? What are you doing and so constantly, what do you do? (On the inertia of habit, if desired) 3. What he wants or expects from you inner circle? What are their plans for your persona? (Family, friends, colleagues – important people) 4. What goals or simply wish to have you in areas where the three previous overlap? Draw the following picture.

1. The circumstances of life in the country, "maturing" the economic crisis, some goods and services rise in price, are cuts, business man going through hard times – yet less than the costs went up, he is forced to cut costs on the family budget. There is a growing sense of insecurity, anxiety. 2. Where are moving: a few years, a housewife, bringing up and development of the child, coziness and comfort of the family. Able and happy to create his own hands – at home kreativnichaet in design, decor good at clothing, utensils, paints, successfully experimenting with the style (and their girlfriends). A lot of talking and having fun with the same range of girls and women.

3. What do the relatives: a family wants the same comfort and relaxation, focus, and At the same time, the child and her husband want her to feel too comfortable doing things you love. My husband now agrees that the financial plan and something to the family budget of it coming. 4. What can pohotet itself and where to go? After this analysis of the situation at Alina had ideas in which direction you can move to and interested, and pleased, and with the interests of loved ones coincide, and financial and warmed, and confidence in the future added. Goals for themselves identified a few: you can go to study at the stylist, fashion designer, makeup artist, manicurist, building, art painting, etc. Identified the first steps. 1. Information gathering: Where? how to learn? how much it cost? 2. The choice of a convenient schedule of learning, searching, and working hours of potential customers. A few days later called Alina and shared successes. My husband liked her idea, activity and enthusiasm with which she told him about it. He said that he had not seen her so enthusiastic and energetic. Offered to help in the search, and promised to support in every way. Courses found, even a discount on the training received good (Now the customers happy – a crisis J). The main thing that soothes and pleases Alina – a sense of control over the future. That's nice. J What we do with Alina – this is one of the techniques of training, "School Dostigatora." It is called "Wind Rose" and very well, in our opinion, helps to analyze "where events taking us." Four of the above wind run our lives, and the ability to track changes in their movement (remember: all changes!) Allow to create a calm and confident attitude to the present, and that even nicer future! Good luck and fair winds! Svetlana Pozharova. expert on interpersonal relationships, family counselor, NLP trainer, business coach, expert in Ericksonian hypnosis trainer and instructor of "School Dostigatora", the author of numerous publications in the media.