For internal optimization is a good perelinkovka all pages that can make a site map with links to all sections of your resource. Carefully fill in these tags as title, description, keywords. Recently, the last two tag lost popularity, but do not neglect them. Constantly update the content of your site, add new sections, pages, article. Bots is encouraged. External search engine optimization is the fact that the web master can not do on their own that goes beyond the boundaries of its site.

Concrete, 100% of standard operating procedures do not exist. Whole information on the promotion of a website you can find in the vast network – it's just advice. Search engines keep their algorithms secret ranking sites in the issuance of the search, but we know that the credibility Your resource on the Internet depends on the quantity and quality of sites linking to you. No less important part of intimacy and thematic references to your resources. For example, if your site is dedicated to the automotive topics, the link from the site of Audi will bring a greater effect than a link from the site of a computer store. It is known that the text of the link plays a major role in this chain.

The link text should not contain a complete list of the key words and should conform to your site's content. Try to make your links more natural. Do not make some links with the same description, for indexing by the search engine they can stick together and bring less effect! Links can be obtained in many ways, it all depends on your imagination. First you need to make a list of several hundred (more is better, you can use the additional programs to generate different code) names and descriptions of sites and submitting your site to major search engines. List your site in thematic catalogs and obschetematicheskih (this can also be the use of special services). Share links with thematically similar sites. Create unique content for visitors who will refer to themselves. Put on the resource-added services, such Enterprise as a counter, a counter PR and TCI, and many other services, the presence of the code which sites your users will be an additional reference. With a good and unique content apply for placement in Yandex, which in turn will bring interested visitors. Use contextual advertising and banner exchange network, which also in turn will bring interested visitors.