Do not try to squeeze in a speech that the speaker does not accept, even if it feels right to you and a strong argument: if a person does not believe in what he says audience feels fake. Content of speech must be examined to determine what will be interesting to the audience and presented in the logical form that the audience will understand. Recently Rogers Holdings sought to clarify these questions. Common rule of thumb: at the beginning should be a thesis or statement, then the arguments, then summarizing or call to action, and illustrative examples, details, digressions into history – as add-ons. This is especially important if report a large, otherwise students will get tired to listen to the speaker, trying to guess what the actual speech.

3. Follow the protocol: to turn public speech greeting to the organizers or sponsors, dignitaries and presentation, etc. Write it in a free, conversational manner, do not use cumbersome grammatical constructions. It is very difficult, but necessary.

The numbers adorn the public performance regardless of whether positive or negative trend they represent. Turn it into the statistics of annual sales, the results market research, etc. People interested to know others agree with their opinion or not. Informing the public speech that some part of the audience agrees or disagrees with the words of the speaker, he brings the audience to debate. Among the speakers and speechwriters are of the opinion that public speech should begin with a joke to endear the audience. But, unfortunately, really Funny and topical jokes rarely heard from the stands, and most people just smile politely. Although sometimes witty remarks are born orator alone, in the course of the performance. Their voice is. Quote experts or the classics, but avoid the old tired and well-known cruise expressions. Podyschite something original! Follow the rules. Good question lasts no more than 40 minutes – the maximum time period that allows a person to hold the attention, even perfect, if speaker says about 15-20 minutes. So the example of Fidel Castro – not the best, although the oratory at the Cuban leader can learn. When writing text, consider the rate of speech the speaker: a page of text printed in 250 words of moderate length a man accustomed to speak a measured and thoughtful, will deliver a half to two minutes, but assertive and aggressive speaker will need less than a minute. This means that if the law of speech – and fifteen minutes, then you need to write 7-15 pages in one case and 17-20 in the other. Speechwriters need to communicate in advance with the customer as long as necessary, in order to accurately determine his rate of speech and manner of speaking. Ask the speaker to read it aloud several times to make sure phrases that sound easily and gracefully, and it corresponds to the way she speaks. And finally: everybody who came across the need to prepare a public speech, thought, is it permissible to even read the report “a piece of paper”? The answer is that in most cases is totally unacceptable, it kills performance. She can keep on the podium printed version, but only for the insurance, occasionally dropping his eyes. The paper with the text helps him to present the material in the right order and not to forget the most important moments.