And there are still startup company in Germany, which have great potential. The tortoise design GmbH, founder of 123Skins, recorded a remarkable success with its idea of lifestyle to equip products such as mobile phones, notebooks, MP3 players or game consoles with custom-fit design foils. Founded in 2007, it attracts competition Berlin-Brandenburg as the winner of the business plan for the first time attention. Fabian Deschler, Uhcholl Simon Lee and Gregory Moss are the brains behind the company. With the prize money of 10,000 euro, they implement their project into action.

The name comes from English tortoise design (tortoise: Turtle) and to describe the protection and the beauty of the products to be marketed. The young entrepreneurs are busy. Started in the basement of Fabian Deschlers parents, they develop their special adhesive films with different designs for multiple devices. Cooperation with Vodafone, Saturn and Jamba, that too of course enormously increase the visibility of 123Skins, but also the sales coming soon. From the Keller Central entrepreneurs have now verabschiedet-the now nine male/female strong operation is established for quite some time in an Office in Berlin.

The concept behind 123Skins is simple. Via the in-house online shop design foils offered for cell phone, notebook, console and MP3 player, not only visually enrich those products and customize, but also protect from scratches and dirt should.”The special preparation of slides for over 1000 units and the adhesive technique Slideable technology” to allow for a precise positioning and adjustment. The high quantity of the offer is complemented by quality: 123Skins by a shelf life of films is of at least 2 years. Customers can choose from existing designs or create itself but also their product. There is a variety of licensed (E.g. happy tree friends or David Vicente) and specially-designed motifs available. Despite all efforts, the company writes however, still no black figures. 2009 was a loss of 80000 euros less than 39000 euro, the total debt. This is among other things but also to the expansion efforts of the entrepreneur. To constantly expand the range of slides, the service and the partnerships; with more than 36000 EUR, spending in marketing are also with the largest cost block of business. 123Skins – green Derb log S. Walker