The focus of the act of contract was an individual that has a good relationship and knows to work on pressure. The employees of the company, had not reacted against the new act of contract, therefore they knew that they would have to train and to teach the new collaborator. However its partner did not agree to the idea, therefore for it would be damage, loses of time to teach somebody that never he had dealt with computer science systems. With the act of contract of the new collaborator, they had received it well to all, except Luiz, who already started imposing and placing pressure to deposit fear. But what it seemed that would go everything for water below, was surpreendedor. The new collaborator, although to swallow ‘ ‘ sapos’ ‘ every day, he started to show its interests on the area, and also that he did not have fear of that it was for coming.

With this, it started to conquer the confidence of Luiz, making with that it moved away itself and ceased with the implicncia of the fact of that the new collaborator not to know the area. Results: – Control of turnover, that is, the rotation that before was of four employees in six months in the sector, already if had passed five months and new collaborator still continues strong and searching new chances. – A partner obtained to enxergar that nor all must know of everything, and yes to learn with its time. Barrier: The resistance of Luiz became if a barrier for the act of contract, therefore for it would go lost time to contract somebody that does not know the area, that is, therefore he would be one somebody that would go to live asking and taking time of the others. Company: Candido Consultoria Desenvolvimento de Sistemas LTDA Branch of activity: Technology, development of softwares. Address: Street Yolanda Derenusson Silveira, 124-Umuarama Responsible Uberaba-MG: Vilmondes Pink Candido Number of employees: 5.