The Code of Ethics of the ABRAIC (Association Brazilian of the Analysts of Competitive Intelligence). They follow some ethical lines of direction to be practised for the professionals of the area: To exert the profession with zeal, diligence and honesty; To preserve its dignity, prerogatives and professional independence; To strengthen itself continuously to increase the recognition and the respect to the profession; To fulfill the laws, as much in the Country how much in the exterior applicable; To keep secrecy on what to know, in function of its professional activity; To prevent to become involved itself in conflicts of interest in the fulfilment of its duties; To assure the minimum conditions for the performance ethical-professional; To emit opinion, to give to seem and to suggest only measured after being safe from the produced information and of the trustworthiness of the gotten data. 1.2. IMPLANTATION AND ESTRUTURAO OF THE AREA OF INTELLIGENCE 1.2.1. The Paper of the Area of Intelligence: The teams must be well objective, to offer action alternatives, to provide knowledge on the competitive forces, markets and customers, to defy the effective thought and finally to make the difference. The analyst must have a good relation with the Decisor, this will become much more easy for both the parts. 1.2.2.

The organization of the area of Intelligence must well be defined, the localization (next to the decisor center); organization models (centered decentralized X); the size of the team; the customers and the products. 1.2.3. To occupy the functions in the area of Intelligence of Market it will be necessary to define who are the people who will effect Primary Coleta; Secondary; Analysis and Management. Very important this definition, because the person who effects the collections is total impracticable to make the analysis. The responsible one for the analysis will have to get knowledge on the market, analytical vision and creativity, whereas the collection can be made by a person with a simpler level, therefore to compose this team is important to attempt against for the profile of the professional and the characteristics of the person.