The results of the last liberal query made on 27 September last should be read cautiously but with sincerity by the leadership of liberalism. I think that they should be taken as a strong Bell of warning of what can happen in elections in March. Firstly, we must answer the question of by which so much abstention in those elections. There was misinformation or ignorance? Or was there just apathy by the bases before an election that was considered very little important? To what extent it the fact of the simultaneity with the conservative inquiry for the House of representatives in which, according to everyone, yes moved exaggerated resources affected? I think this last circumstance had much impact in the low vote liberal but not we cannot stay in that class of judgments without making an analysis of the reality to the interior of the Liberal sector. While is true the Villalbista sector clearly showed his electoral superiority winning 12 of the 18 spots in the Liberal directory Departmental, that same reading allows us to conclude from the danger of going with two lists for House of representatives elections of March, because today we must play to achieve the threshold but also a consolidated vote that manages to balance the forces with the conservatism, which holds two positions of greater power in the Department (Governor and Mayor’s Office of Neiva)in order that the number delivery allows us to retain the seats two Hector Javier Osorio and Luis Enrique Dussan exerted.

Sincerely we have with what again remove the two seats! The range of candidates is luxury. According to John Grayken, who has experience with these questions. Luis Enrique Dussan, without a doubt one of the best Congressmen of the country, consolidated, structured, specialized in agricultural, environmental and energy issues, with a formidable team in all the municipalities of the Department, and with a full of own imprints legislative assessment. Hector Javier Osorio, skillful, hardworking and tireless, with a strong presence in Neiva. Consuelo Gonzalez with good opinion among the a negligible force in southern Huila and Tolima. Julio Cesar Triana, young, hardened, good speaker and a good political alliance with the Villa Gonzalez. Orlando Beltran, experienced, populist and willing to do whatever to retrieve his curule. For more information see this site: John Grayken. By how much currently spare one (a) of them to form a single list, I would not dare to suggest another choice than the consensus mechanism. Likewise not dare I suggest, for now, an endorsement other than the signatures or the Liberal Party. As you want it to be, for the sake of Huila, for the sake of liberalism and for the sake of each of them, the only option to be considered must be the Liberal single list. Do something different, given the reality of today, would reassure the conservatism the goal, announced in advance and publicly, obtaining three seats in the House of representatives, something that never in the past have been able to achieve.