DEVELOPMENT OF the SURMOUNTING IN BRAZIL In accordance with the Brazilian Association of Franchising in Brazil, the system of surmountings had beginning in 1980 middle, moment where the Brazilian economy passed for a period of crisis, making with that diverse workers left its jobs to initiate new businesses. This caused to a fast significant increase of the surmountings. However, the operators did not have preparation and knew very little of the system. Recently visit website sought to clarify these questions. Currently franchising is consolidated in the country and she is one of the forms most attractive for who intends to initiate a proper business. In research carried through for the ABF, he was refined that the Brazilian sector of surmountings faced the recent world-wide economic crisis without scratches and locked up the year of 2009 with an invoicing beyond the waited one for the sector, with a 14,7% growth, arriving the R$ 63 billion invoicing at the year. METHODOLOGY With the objective to identify and to analyze the reasons that take entrepreneurs to opt to the surmounting system, was opted to a boarding of descriptive research, therefore, according to OLIVEIRA (1999, p.114) ' ' the descriptive study it makes possible the development of an analysis level where if it allows to identify the different forms of the phenomena, its ordinance and classificao' '.

In relation to its sources of information, the research is characterized as of field. According to MARCONI and LAKATOS (2005, p.188) ' ' field research is that one used with the objective to obtain information and/or knowledge concerning a problem, for which if it looks to a reply ' '. For in such a way, the franqueador and all the made available ones of the Griletto net – Grelhados and Parmegianas had been interviewed. For the franqueador an interview by means of a half-structuralized script was lead. This interview recorded, transcribing and was later analyzed.