Today, almost everyone has a bank account, and we're a little upset when it's empty, the soul 'soars' when we see there is large positive amount. Today I would like to touch on another subject, but not in a simple bank and a bank of emotions. 'Bank of emotions' – a metaphor for the determination of the degree of trust and what we are building relationships with people. Bank of emotion operates on the same system as the normal bank. There are deposits in the bank (deposits), and there is an outflow of funds from the account (withdrawals). So what's on our new deposit account, and that the loss of funds? Deposits: – kindness to people – to be condescending – to fulfill promises – to be reliable (trustworthy) – bye with all my heart Loss of: – disrespect – the humiliation of people – and rudeness bad manners – criticism in relation to the other – a violation of obeshany – resentment – envy – a reminder to people about their mistakes in the past when your account balance is positive, personal relationships are simple and clean, because the credibility of the you high.

However, there is a balance is negative, then you'll often encounter with human disrespect, threats, criticism, rudeness. This state accounts will be very disturb your conversations with people and achieve your goals. It is also important always maintain a positive balance in the account, otherwise the relationship will deteriorate. It's like a credit history with the bank, it is difficult to acquire, but it's very easy to spoil. From the 'Messenger' (Klaus Joel): In the relationship is simple. Before you say something or do, ask yourself: 'Will it bring us closer and create a sense of unity and love? " If yes, then fine. If not, ask yourself: 'Why did I do the destruction? " The key reasons for thousands of collapsed relationships will lie to you.