Thus, the Scorecard will provide a picture of essential aspects of the SME or the business as a freelancer at a glance and more importantly, we move from static to dynamic analysis picture may in the Control Panel, see the trend and evolution of key indicators of This way we can anticipate things important to act early. For the Balanced Scorecard is a priority to be truly useful to the SME or the self to know what they want and how they are going to do (strategy) and, once clear on this, find the key indicators for monitoring the strategy. These indicators included in the control panel are grouped according to the method of Kaplan and Norton, in four key areas:

Finance: we will find the key indicators to monitor our financial statement is the expectation, according to our objectives and strategy. Client: Key Indicators of our relationship with the most precious thing we have. Personal: Given the importance of Human Resources, should take into account the indicators that show us the state of our staff and through which we can see if they comply with our HR strategies (eg see the effectiveness of our policy objectives through the achievement of the target-variable salary). Internal Processes: o that to really dedicate our business, you might fabricate something, or that we are commercial pure, whatever it is, we must identify our critical internal processes and measure their performance, that way we will improve and be more efficient. At a glance, get an image of the processes and critical features of our SME or our business as independent.