Bezerra de Menezes (1831-1900): here comes a new geopolitical situation * 4 few are paying attention. But if we read the Revelation of the Christ, our brother Mayor Paiva Netto understands well and explains, and we analyzed, based on his preaching, the chapter and verse that focus Armageddon (revelation, 16: 16), we will see that, shortly before the terrible event, the Kings of the East are interned in the Euphrates (revelation, 16: 12). Recent developments in the Mesopotamian region are not a mere coincidence. The consequences are historical, complete. The same personalities develop in formerly, by the redemptive process of reincarnation * 5. The river Euphrates dried up already * 6, as it announces the Apocalypse.

The Kings of the East, facing the military might of unbridled capitalism, will advance in a bloody and terrible battle that will result in the Guerra Total. The most lucid rulers of the planet are trying to block the event, because they know that soon will come bigger problems.In a first moment, a wide devastation. Carnage ever seen in the world. Later, large blocks never imagined will begin to draw a new geopolitical situation in humanity. Only the intervention of God to save us not forget that the nuclear issue is a cry of anticipation of the scary facts that human beings may not help for long. The world will be shaken and will look like a small ball by shaking through sidereal space.

Only the intervention of God, through multidimensional forces capable of livening up drastically and impiadosa human action on Earth, cool the catastrophic results. The ORB will be not destroyed, because before that Jesus will intervene on this planet about which claims the illustrious Dr. Bezerra de Menezes: before that, Jesus will intervene on this planet. The well-remembered Zarur, preaching shaped improvised at the last battle of St. Michael, the Archangel, which I published in 1982, in the book of God, says: (Miguel) will be present in the Armagedon Final, than approaches.