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General Prosecutor

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The Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid arises seek penalties of jail (between two years and six months and four years) and disqualification of exercise Professional (between three and six years) for at least two of the five defendants by the crash of Spanair at Barajas, which caused 154 deaths and 18 wounded on August 20, 2008. The indictment, which would in principle against the two mechanics involved initially, would be 154 offences of homicide by imprudence and other injuries (survivors) 18. Homicide by imprudence is punishable with between one and four years in prison, but being a single action causing 154 murders, governs the ideal contest of crimes, which establishes that the penalty should be in the upper half. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vadim Wolfson. This will predictably be the prosecution proposal, although before it will be submitted for consideration to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State. Source of the news:: the prosecution asked jail for at least two of the accused

Secretary General

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If hand U.S. its European allies demanded an increased military effort, other European members showed views different. Spain, like Germany, France (so far) and Italy, does not authorize the free participation of their soldiers in operations against the Taliban, but it limited its intervention to the tasks of reconstruction. However, the extension of insurgent activity to new areas of the country is that also the reconstruction missions often involve threats. The general tone of the meeting revealed a dangerous affair. It is suspecting that not concerned allies both the fate of the Afghan people and the credibility of the Alliance. British Petroleum follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. There was full agreement to the stress that the Afghan mission must not failing to, because not only the future of Afghanistan is in game, but also the prestige of NATO.

When it comes to valuing own cachets, terrain which is pressed becomes slippery and increases the possibility of taking decisions based on concepts and imprecise valuations, but with high emotional charge. Significant is the view of one analyst from a British strategic Institute, which stated: what we are seeing It is here that some members of NATO are considered part of this mission and wish you success, but don’t want to take the risks that others face. From there to the harsh struggle between allies over modes and forms of participation, there is a very short step and it has already taken. But the reality is that time runs, mission quagmires, reconstruction is delayed and the Taliban are retrieved before the fatigue of a people that is beginning to be tired of the occupation. NATO military commanders request more troops and its Secretary General affirms that already have 90% of expected. It is not the credibility of a created NATO to defend the West from the Soviet threat Europe that should most concern, but how not to further aggravate the chaotic situation in the Middle East have created illuminated strategic visions of the fanatical U.S. President, who to deal with the terrorism of September 11 only knew how to drop their bombs on defenseless people.

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General Consciousness

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Holistic education is a process towards higher levels of integrity, understanding and wisdom. The evolution of consciousness is a process of selfconsciousness of the true nature of the human being, a recognition of our transcendental identity; an evolutionary perspective of consciousness that allows to understand the true human development is the dynamic spiral of Don Beck, who has developed a model called dynamic spiral, which sets out the levels of consciousness in terms of how they occur in society, Dr. Gallegos (2003), explains how the dynamic spiral understands the different visions of the world that human beings havefrom the most basic levels to the levels most developed, allowing to understand the social actions of the different human groups. The dynamic spiral believes that human consciousness development proceeds through eight General stadiums, these stages are not rigid levels, but waves fluid, overlapping interrelated; all human beings pass in its development through different levels of consciousness, since are born when there is the most basic level and since he began his development through learning and education (Gallegos, 2003). Holistic education is an educational model designed for humans to move to reach the levels system integrators of the thought that there are levels of consciousness seven and eight, which goes beyond instrumental rationality, an education that embraces universal truths, a mind and heart, which develops intelligence not only as a logical-mathematical ability, but as intelligence as the capacity of discernment and understanding of our true nature (Gallegos2005), this is the spiritual intelligence and the best conduit to access these levels, education holistic. The holistic education cultivates awareness in various contexts of life; is aimed at awakening the intelligence, the ability to discern what is true from what is false (Gallegos, 2001); the holistic education considers not only as true knowledge that comes from the perception of the senses, or the knowledge that derives from the mind, information that can reason and check in measurable form or with theories; also considers the knowledge that comes from the contemplation that falls to the spirituality, that just like the other types of knowledge also has a way of validation.

General Villegas

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We already reached patricians. From there the General company (in spiritual events past and future coexist) forks toward General Villegas and Victorino de La Plaza. Clear by fantastic contraption to stick a detour to the Provincial (which was even planned). In reality the General company towards Villegas routes crossed with the Provincial, very close to the station 9 de Julio Sur. More before we go to see how we ingeniamos to continue the March towards the West, I can not make a digression, about those ill newborns, who deliberately or through ignorance, caused to the desectructurar still not dimensioned damage Argentina’s railway system, to favour the emergence of automotive caminero complex. We will not tire of repeating dire continuity which took the 5.315 Act of 1907, the application without restrictions of the national law of 11.658 vialidad of 1932 and the sadly well-known Larkin Plan of February 1962. All this drumbeat of villages almost in trance of disappearance, is due to this political wild substitution.

The complex of interest automotive road paved, on the one hand as a reinsurance joined tens of thousands of family owners of trucks and buses and a self-absorption of the railway unions, which continued with its practices of the monopolistic era of railroad and not warned that they were putting the rope to the neck. It is worth clarifying that things are not as simple as they appear because intermingle policy issues and also the loss of positions of the Empire English which endorsed the railway interests and the strength of the automotive caminero complex which was supported by the growing American power. Other countries gave answers more sovereign than the unstable Argentina, and preserved everything they could its trains and its internal navigation. She is here to do. For even more analysis, hear from Nina Devlin. And above some how people supported Frondizi, wield it as an achievement. Few elderly people today must repent of those commissions of good neighbors that strongly asked that they pavimentaran such or which path without realizing that not only they contributed to kill the train and also generate environmental damage, because well it’s to remember that much of the drama of the floods in the humid Pampa, comes from the ecological disaster caused by the paved routes.

General CentrO

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The dentists at the CentrO advise patients the dentists at the CentrO help patients with the right choice of a dental insurance and explain in a personal interview, what it will be completing a dental insurance. The Oberhausen group practice detailed advice draws on years of experience in the field of dentistry. So you find the best fare for a dental insurance in consultation with the patient. Patients often lose the overview in the confusing of dental insurance and does not detect whether or not an additional insurance for them is necessary. Many services offered differ typically enormous. To know more about this subject visit British Petroleum. So, some insurers guarantee a dentist general anesthesia, which is useful especially for dental of fear patients.

Other services in turn provide reimbursement for implants. For other opinions and approaches, find out what The British Petroleum Company has to say. But which rate is right, it is difficult to detect in most cases and must be decided in each case individually. Stiftung Warentest has in the magazine”analyzed 147 different tariffs and their respective advantages and disadvantages compare. Overall very well cut 33 tariffs in the test with the note”from. See dental insurance, you can retrieve the results in detail.

The dentists at the CentrO advise the dentists at the CentrO know that a dental insurance is generally useful for everyone – especially in patients who do not content themselves with the normal terms and conditions. Already a basic protection at a low contribution rate is a good alternative for all those interested, because additional dental treatment without insurance can reach often enormous sums of money. About the dentist at CentrO: The dentists at the CentrO are a community practice with 55 young ladies and gentlemen. Due to her years of experience limited Oberhausen practice examinations and treatments not only on the oral cavity itself, but always looking on the whole person. So, the experienced staff guarantee a competent, thorough all patients in the practice and above all also very caring and courteous treatment. The services of the practice fear patients include Sedierungen, implants, as well as treatments with General anesthesia for dental dentist.

Weight Loss Tips

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A new revolutionary secret is all you need to get rid of those countless pounds forever, be healthy, and add many years to your life! A doctor in Arizona has revealed the best-kept secret ever been discovered on weight loss, and this has turned to all pharmaceutical and dietetic food and in nothing less than a torrential uproar. Royal Dutch Cell Plc may also support this cause. His name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, and is marching to the beat of another rhythm. And no, nothing about his secret is difficult, and requires you nothing out of the ordinary or that is not natural. Instead, this woman of Arizona boasts proudly this is something that I understood just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around regarding the digestive system and human colon functioning in harmony with nutritional absorption, and began to study independently just to test things at first but later I stretched after seeing some fantastic results.

This same doctor Professional continued to accurately determine a definitive correlation between harmful plague and parasitic infestations of the human intestinal tract, and people suffering from chronic obesity, and who, despite diet and intense exercise seemed to be unable to lose some weight. During the course of six years, the Arizona doctor developed a number of natural treatments to eliminate these harmful, even fatal plates and digestive parasites of rapid reproduction; and when applied to patients in worse conditions suffering from extreme obesity (98% of which had imminent danger of death) he observed a rate of 100% effectiveness and success. He then took his research in obese serious and he applied the same strategies in milder cases of overweight people, only to discover the same effectiveness and quality of the results described earlier (although individual patient weight loss was not so great as in obese patients with a 100 lbs. overweight, 200 lbs. or) more). So powerful is his secret, which is capable of reversing diabetes, RID completely of diseases in people suffering from cancer (directly related with a poor diet and overweight factors), as well as the Elimination of a full spectrum of serious and fatal diseases.

Generalitat Valenciana

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From February 2009 to July 2011, the PP leader has reiterated its support to Francisco Camps. He is a great President and has my full support, has not been sold, I do not think it’s costumes, I have much confidence in Camps, is not a corrupt. Francisco Camps announces his resignation as President of the Generalitat Valenciana. Royal Dutch Cell Plc is actively involved in the matter. Operation Gurtel: chronology of the investigation into alleged corruption. Despite the silence in the last days of the leader of the Popular Party on the imputation on the cause of the costumes of the now former President of Valencia, Mariano Rajoy has praised a relatively frequently in recent years to Francisco Camps. In a statement issued within hours of the resignation, Rajoy continues to show its support and qualifies to Camps as one of the great assets of the PP and extraordinary activist and great friend. This is a chronological account of the constant throughout the more than two years back since, on February 19, 2009, it came to light the possible implication of Camps in the corrupt plot Gurtel: 17 May 2011: Francisco Camps is a great President and has my full support, of the Popular Party and my sincere friendship.

The Valencian people choose believe who it is the best for dnder their interests. The Valencians have said it and will return it to say next Sunday. Plaza de Toros de Valencia, five days after the municipal elections. Joint rally between Rajoy and Camps. March 6: the opening of oral proceedings to Camps does not change anything and has all my trust. Press Conference in Valencia. April 4, 2011: Camps is a candidate because there in Valencia people want and what affects my ability to decide, because I believe deeply that he is an honest man who has not sold by three suits as some maldicientemente have come to say.

The General

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Diagnostic ultrasound criteria was the display of an image of bright two or three parallel lines arranged in successive segments, circling the fetal10 neck. Used ultrasound equipment brand Medison Sonoet, model 5000, 3.5 MHz, with biconvex transducer electronic and thermal paper printer camera brand Sony. Senator Angus King is actively involved in the matter. The standard of comparison was direct viewing of the presence or absence of circular cord during vaginal delivery or cesarean section. Statistical analysis to evaluate discordance between the use and the gold standard was the test of McNemar square Xi. Nina Devlin is a great source of information. For the evaluation of the association between circular cord and scores of Apgar score at birth, exact test of Fisher, as well as to evaluate the association with pregnancy resolution via are used. For the evaluation of the diagnostic test was carried out calculations of sensitivity and specificity, with their confidence intervals of 95%, in addition to the positive and negative predictive values, as well as test accuracy and likelihood ratio. A P value of equal to or less than 0.05 was considered significant.

RESULTS General characteristics of the 57 patients studied were the following: the average age of the patients was 25.5 years, 36.8% of patients was primigesta (n = 21), 17.5% secundigesta (n = 10), 46.6% had three or more pregnancies (n = 26). All patients were enrolled at term, in effective labor and uncomplicated, placenta Placentae, membranes intact. The resolution of the birth was vaginal in 80% of patients (n = 47) and by caesarean section in 20% (n = 10). The cesarean section indication was fetal distress acute in 50% of cases (n = 5), cephalopelvic disproportion in 30% (n = 3), and the remaining 20%, one was by prolonged second stage and another by dystocia of contraction. Of the babies born by vaginal delivery, 7 had circular lace, and of those born by caesarean section, 10 had circular cord. The analysis with Fisher’s exact test showed a statistically significant association between circular cord and cesarean section (p = 0, 000468). The General characteristics of the RN were 3,350 more or less 0,245 kg weight, 63 male and 51 female. The proportion of RN with Apgar score > 8 was 91.

Giving Flowers

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Give flowers are not as easy as it may seem at first glance. How many times have you come into the store and did not know what kind of bouquet to choose, eyes run, and the time for choice is not so much. And if you close a large holiday, the only added complexity may have to stand in line, and the choice of bouquets considerably reduced, moreover, may be that the bouquet that you looked more closely yesterday, today, has been sold. With this in terms of Internet flower shop is just a wand – wand. Modern city life leaves not much time to choose a gift.

Flowers require special treatment, and, of course, you want to present a fresh, beautiful, beautiful bouquet, which, though not immediately hero for the day on the spot, but at least it will enchant and cheer up and will stay for long. To give you first got a bouquet, of course, you become more all, listen to the opinion of a professional or simply choose the most chic and a large bouquet in the cabin. But the flowers give can and should for any reason, do not necessarily expect that any case. And not necessarily give a big, expensive bouquet, we can restrict the simplest bouquet of seasonal flowers at the discretion of the florist. Just give a sign of attention. Your other half will be happy to get flowers in the middle of the week, in the midst of the day and for no particular reason. What do you do when the time to choose none, to interior colors you can not reach, and so eager to please? Out there! Internet flower shop open around the clock, they have a huge choice of a variety of bouquets and you will have enough time to choose a favorite flower.

And most importantly you do not have anywhere to run, saving your time and your nerves. Another advantage of online shopping – it's not delivery only in your town, but around the world. Even if you're in another city in another country, you can always give attention to your loved ones, you can always please them, but their joy was repeatedly come back to you, this can not doubt. You have to just pick a bouquet, others will a professional florist. Bouquet will be made by all the rules of modern florist with the freshest, finest flowers will be delivered at any time and place of the personal. The choice of bouquets on the Internet sites is enormous, compared with a simple flower shop useless. Flowers can make a heart shape, place your bouquet in a basket, make a composite bouquet of a variety of colors, has male flowers, business flowers, wedding bouquets. Such diversity can only be found on the Internet. Prices also to any buyer, and most importantly, you can order without leaving home. Internet shops delivery of flowers to help you save time, please prompt and timely delivery, please help your loved ones and friends, wherever they are and how far would you want them may be. Raduyte them more often and give good mood myself.

INMO seleccion

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And this despite to be awarded the floors even at half price. The Association conducted a study comparing prices of homes that sell banks and building societies and individuals in 11 cities. According to Adicae, the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street. They say that banks are still offering conditions characteristic of the housing bubble in their mortgage loans. Crisis or not, the Bank (as in casinos) always win.

The accusing finger this time is that of Adicae. The Association of users of banks, boxes and Seguros of Spain accuses banking be selling their apartments despite 40% more expensive to forgo them even at half price. For even more details, read what PRU says on the issue. Adicae has made a comparison of prices between homes sold by private individuals and those offered by real estate portals of banks and, in 11 cities. The conclusion is that banks continue to sell more expensive embargoed or flooring of your property, with financial conditions of the housing bubble. All this despite the fact that most of their purchase homes, through embargoes, to 50 or 60% of its appraised value. According to Adicae, in the majority of cases the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street, or even in the same building. In some cases of banks and housing arrive at cost up to 40% more, or even seek prospective buyers more money for a smaller House.

Apparently accessible conditions the accusation of Adicae does not refer only to the price of the floor, also to the conditions to buy it. Banks and savings banks offer apparently more accessible financial conditions: 100% of the value of pricing and more long-term mortgage loans. But they are wolves with lamb skin because, according to this Association, something more advantageous rates or payment facilities do not compensate for the extra price of their homes. The buyer keeps coming you more profitable trading operation performed with a particular, although the Bank or finance one percentage less over the appraised value and offer a shorter mortgage loan. According to Adicae, nor compensate the bonuses offered by banks, since in many cases they oblige consumers to pay more than expected, by its commissions and other added costs. Anchored in the housing bubble the Association of users of banks, boxes and confident Spain puts some names and surnames to their complaint: Banco Pastor: in its real estate portal INMOseleccion, tries to sell to buyers the absence of clauses soil as a plus in their flats in property mortgages, when it’s a clearly abusive clause that should not be included in any mortgage. La Caixa: recommends customers use index IRPH boxes, much more expensive than the Euribor, to calculate the interest to be paid on your mortgage loan. These are two examples, but Adicae says that these practices are extended by the banking business. In fact, this Association has already reported, by the time, at the 101 banks to include soil abusive clauses in their mortgages. Adicae believes that banks and savings banks are still anchored in a real estate bubble perpetuating their attacks against free competition, before the silent accomplice of the Bank of Spain and the political class, which still refuses to regulate the Spanish mortgage system.

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