Month: April 2019

Cosmic Cataclysms

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Distinct scientific theories about the origin of life on earth today does not exist yet. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jonah Bloom. But the origin of the oil has long argued supporters abiogenic and biogenic theories, and yet there is no advantage on which side. Water as According to many experts, came to Earth from comets or, meteorites, or was the result of interaction of hydrogen with oxygen in the air, listed as the solar wind protons. However, it does not take into account that water can be degraded by ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation to form free hydrogen, and he almost did not hold the earth's gravity. But even a billion years ago, as the sun was younger, his rigid component of electromagnetic radiation, the intensity of charged particles was much higher than now. Accordingly, the emission of hydrogen from Earth's surface is much greater than its influx of solar protons. Also, there is no answer to the question: how water got in the bowels of the earth, where it is ten times larger than the surface? And why in the surface water of deuterium, and even a little, but still there, but there is no depth at all? AND why the isotopic composition of some chemical elements such that the neutron-absorbing isotopes well in times less than those that are transparent to neutrons? For example, the lithium-6 (sink) is ten times less than the lithium-7, carbon-12 in 20 times more than carbon-13 (absorbent), etc. And the oxygen? Most (99.7%) of oxygen-16. Then, there is oxygen-18 (0.2%) and least of all – oxygen-17, which absorbs neutrons better than anyone.

The DNA Of Organizations

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If you have the right person in the right chairs and make them know what their goals and objectives, and you take off road, the work will be done. James Owen which is today the genetics of your company, your DNA? do you know DNA from it? How is has it been growing in their development? Where you have expressed problems that have affected it? Some questions would be taken into account, most in the current environment characterized by turbulent, risky, changing. Us recalls Gloria Arizaga, that the concept of organizational DNA was put into practice by Booz Allen in 2003, when it launched a test of 19 questions, 50,000 people from 100 countries responding electronically and on paper. The results revealed that the majority of companies shows sick traits and that these traits prevented them from putting their decisions into action. By a margin of nearly two to one, the people who responded to the questionnaire stated that the organizations in which they worked were not effective. And only 31 % It reported healthy profiles features. Interestingly, China was the nation with the highest percentage of healthy companies, and United States, the place with the highest proportion of sick.

On the subject, we also contribute Ignacio Diaz and Ignacio Pulido, keep in mind, that the organizational DNA provides a framework that executives can use to diagnose problems, discover strengths and modify the behaviour of their companies. Jonah Bloom does not necessarily agree. They add, that the DNA is composed of two long chains of nucleotides joined by four base pairs. The sequence of these four bases defined instructions that create a specific organism. The DNA of an organization from four bases, can similarly be described that, combined in different ways to define the unique traits of each organization. These bases are as follows: to) structure: how has the organizational hierarchy how lines and boxes of the Organization are connected? how many levels are there in the hierarchy?? How many direct reports have each level? (b) rights of decision: who decides that? How many people are involved in a decision making process? where begins the authority of a person to make decisions and where ends of another.