Month: May 2014

Weboutdoor Coffee

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So create a site such as adding text, graphics, scripts a little and not so free And then confronted with the concept of asynchronous programming Why do we? Why not just make a normal page with the price list and such as telephone and icq? Many people do so but not you. The essence of asynchronous programming is that the browser client does not wait until the server processes the request. That is, you press the button clicks on the link and all is well with both conventional computer programs. There are of course various server technologies and they have evolved considerably in recent years. But they face the challenge of simultaneously servicing multiple clients. Imagine a website that 'cooks' coffee for the campaign. There is a Web interface connected to it coffeemakers. One coffee maker, and her office staff queue.

And if the coffee machine two. While the server maintains coffee maker for one client, the client browser is busy – he waits for a response to a request to the first coffee machine, blocked access to the other, you must wait until released first and then get a request to the second-and result you are left without coffee. How asynchronous programming is more complicated: For your user does he rejoice even as fast and cool your site is working for you, this greatly complicates the task of creating site. How much depends on the specific implementation. When you combine asynchronous javascript with PHP you get you get access to 'open' open source community is also at the moment there are available packages adobe spry, jquery and others that are much facilitate the process. Do have with an eye to the future. Coming era WEB 2 0 social networking and your beautiful site but lost among the standard more modern.

German Conference

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Eco-friendly environmental management by telephone conference call rather than environmental stressful flight ticket is the motto of the meetgreen concept. An idea that saves time and costs and to benefit from nature. Because even a single flight within Germany produces a CO2 emissions of 340 kilograms. To avoid the environmental impact of this climate-damaging gas, making Conference calls free opportunity meetgreen easily and flexibly. Telephone conference of the nature sake every minute counts a project in collaboration with b.a.u.m.

e.V., an environmental initiative of the economy, started meetgreen besides the service has to use conference call service, free of charge. This was the toll phone number 01805-535353 (14 ct/min from German landline, max. 42 ct / min from German mobile networks) set up. At this number, environmentally conscious company can also carry their conference call and donate 1 cent for the non-profit environment project B.A.U.M. E.v. with each minute of conversation.

As a result are currently 3,500 on donation come together. Register for free and invite to Conference modern communication techniques for free use without burdening the environment with long business trips. For the implementation of this idea can register for free online at, and already the immediately displayed, personally assigned PIN can be used for unlimited Conference calls. Inviting Conference participants is just possible in just a few steps. For only the following information is necessary for up to 6 participants in a forthcoming Conference: the fixed date of the Conference, the landline dial-up phone 030-868757757 (free for Flaterate holders) and/or environmentally conscious donations dial-up number 01805-535353 (14 ct/min from German landline, max. 42 ct / min from German mobile phone networks including 1 cent donation for the non-profit environmental initiative b.a.u.m. E.v.) and the auto-assigned PIN for the phone conference. Conference participants from abroad on the landline number participate in the telephone conference. They pay only the regular connection charges to the dial-in number. The virtual space for the Conference will be provided free of charge by meetgreen. With security for a sustainable mobility, not only the environment is meetgreen and the non-profit environmental initiative b.a.u.m. e.V. on the heart. The safety of the participants of a Conference is the meetgreen concept in the first place. This confirms also that of meetyoo conferencing GmbH quality management certified ISO 9001:2008, which meetgreen ready provides the Conference call service according to DIN. meetgreen environmental and business always at a glance with meetgreen to make free environmentally friendly not only its own management with telephone conferences. The innovative environmental protection project provides also comprehensive service through providing free virtual conference room addition. So meetgreen users get a Conference statistics (with the number of participants, for example, after each conference call Call duration and time) sent free of charge by E-Mail. Meetgreen to meetgreen/meetyoo conferencing is a telephone conference service of meetyoo conferencing GmbH. The meetyoo conferencing GmbH headquartered in Berlin is a premium provider for international circuits of business telephone and event conferencing. Since 1999 meetyoo offers a variety of flexible conferencing solutions. As the only German Conference provider is ISO certified 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC meetyoo according to DIN 27001:2005. Thus, the 40-strong company committed to highest standards in terms of quality and safety. Press contact conferencing meetyoo GmbH / Mandy Koebnik / head of marketing / Friedrichstrasse 200 / 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 868 710-400 fax: + 49 30 868 710-466 email: Web: